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火火 搞舞台劇辛酸史..勁蝕的《大世界》a pinkwork™ video of theater director Fire Lee & Otto

MEOW … a video I just shot yesterday, about two interesting Humans. Film/theater director Fire Lee Ka Wing and Otto Wong, who is a renowned choreographer cum member of hk pop dance group EO2 formed “61 production” in 2005. Since then they’ve produced several self-financed dramas which all had strong style and received positive audience response. Though their first production was a great success, some of their other “very experimental” works got quite a poor ticket sales.

剛天我拍的兩個人類小短片 … Fire Lee said they actually don’t care too much about the money, what they are worry about is, after losing all the money, they can’t made their next production. Luckily they could keep on and have 1~2 productions almost every year. Their latest drama “Lego in the mudmudland” will open next month … click the video below could hEAR/sEE Fire Lee and Otto talking about their bad and good “theater experience“, well, as a actor, producer and investor …


「記得我是第一個出場的演員。嘩,可以坐四百幾人的劇場,只有廿多位觀眾,一排排的座位,看上去像『和合石』墳場的墓碑一樣,真的很嚇人 … 其實開騷前一日我們已知道票房情況,當時心諗真的要一天內有一個國家的人全到來買票,我們才不用蝕錢 … 」火火回憶說。 他又表示他們不是擔心自己的投資損失,只是怕蝕光了錢之後,不能做下一套製作。幸好他們的「61制作」始終沒有「死」去,平均每年都有1~2套出品。他們的下一套劇《賤泥積木》也將於下月上演。想看/聽他們講講自己同時身為演員、導演及投資者的舞台經驗,可點看下面的pinkwork小短片 …:D

Special Thank: backstage live restaurant



or YouKu优酷 video link :

YouKu优酷 video link : 

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