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an “Art” Movie starring 2 Cats in a vintage store 粉紅貓古著店貓短片創作 (Olympus PEN)

I’m not a BIG fan of Olympus PEN, though many of my human friends are (especially those young girls). It’s the “Weekend Weekly” magazine editor told me she borrowed a Lite PEN (E-PL3) from Olympus and asked whether I was interested to take it for a 1-week trail. Why Not? Almost at the same time, one of my friends who runs a vintage Store in Central said, the lovely tiger-striped cat at his store just born 4 new babies. So I suddenly came across a funny topic for my column, that is “Using lite PEN to shot little baby kitten” !

I was not writing a camera review article, but I have to say here the “tilt screen” function of E-PL3 is very useful when I used it to shoot cats at very low angle (close to the ground). Its light weight and small size also made me be able to shoot photo or video with one hand. See, below are photos and two very short “art movies starring cats using this little camera. WOULD I buy a PEN? Sorry, don’t get the money … :(

我不是Olympus PEN的粉絲,雖然身邊很多人類朋友是,特別是女孩子。不過是上星期《新假期》的編輯跟我講,她剛向Olympus借了一部輕巧版PEN E-PL3,問我有否興趣借去玩一個星期。有新機玩當然無問題啦!同一時間,一個在中環開古著店的朋友說,他店內那隻非常可愛的虎紋貓生了小貓。於是我忽然想到以此作專欄題目,就是「『輕巧』PEN影BB貓」。

雖然不是寫試用報告,但真的要在這裡讚一讚此機的「可反80度角觀景屏幕」功能非常有用,尤其是以超低角度﹝貼地﹞拍貓時候。另外因為機身輕、細,我單手也可拿著相機拍攝相片及短片,另一隻手可用來打燈。看看,下面就是我用這部細小相機拍下的相片及甚有藝術味道的貓貓短片 … 會買這部機嗎?沒有多餘錢啊 … :cry:


* special thank to  BANG BANG 70′S Vintage Store 
 (1/F, 16A Aberdeen Street, Central, HK.)
 for providing the shooting location.

《新假期》”Weekend Weekly” Issue 632, page 130~131

PINKCAT ‘s other Articles in “Weekend Weekly 新假期” 粉紅貓其他專欄稿

an “Art” Movie starring 2 Cats 古著店貓演出的超短片

baby Kitten is yelling at cat mom 貓仔在叫貓媽媽 …


Use Holga To Capture a Feeling 用Holga捕捉感覺﹝被攝人類HotCha, 今期專欄稿﹞

That should be the original title of my latest article in my column in this issue (630, p130~131) of “Weekend Weekly” magazine. Actually it means “feeling” towards the people (being photographed) and about a place (the shooting site) . The editor later changed it to “capture HotCha (name of this hk pop dance & sing group )”, well, I agree this new title is much more attractive to the readers. Though I’m quite good at shooting people, I seldom wrote about portrait photography … since I want to experiment with other interesting topics, like photograph food, animals, bugs, scenery … etc. in this column.

This time is special, cause the three girls@HotCha were so excited in front of my “holga” camera (never been photographed by a CAT before ?!), so photos came out are all so natural and fit this title … …

這原本是我今期﹝第 630期, 130~131頁﹞《新假期》專欄的標題﹝懶特別、虛無飄渺 :idea: ﹞,「感覺」是指對人﹝被攝者﹞及場地﹝拍攝地點﹞的感覺。雜誌編輯其後將之改成「捕捉HotCha」,又的確會更吸引讀者。雖然我經常拍攝人﹝類﹞,卻甚少以此做文章主題。因為想在此欄目試驗多些新鮮題材,例如影食物、動物、蟲蟲等等。


PINKCAT ‘s other Articles in “Weekend Weekly 新假期” 粉紅貓其他專欄稿

My article in this Issue (630, p130~131) of “Weekend Weekly 新假期”



Holga Food photo Experiment @ agnès b. café 用Holga拍攝食物相片實驗。

MEOW, special thank to agnès b. for allowing me to do the experiemnt at their café. I just told their PRs I (a CAT from pinkwork city) would like to do some shooting experiment using my Holga plastic camera at their cafe. They were so nice and asked whether they had to prepare some specially-made cakes for my shooting. Well, it’s not necessary cause the cakes on their shop are already very colorful.

You might question how could I use this plastic camera to shoot close-up or macro photo. Its closest focus lenght is 0.7 m! Of course my Holga have to put on a Macro or Close-up Lens (bought from Holga shop, just HK$68 per set). To know more about how I shot these photo, could see my article in this issue (624, p122~p123) of “Weekend Weekly” magazine. Yes, since the experiment result is quite good, I decided to write an article about this in my “Weekend Weekly” magazine ‘s column.

真的要多謝 agnès b.公關們的幫忙,原本粉紅貓只不過是通知她們,我打算在她們的銅鑼灣café內﹝貪那裡有黑白階磚地板﹞,用Holga塑膠相機做些「食物拍攝實驗」。「放心,我只用一些Lo-fi器材,佔用餐廳一小角落,絕不會騷擾到她們的客人的」當時我跟她們說。


結果,出來的相片依然有Holga相的「原始」風味,所以決定在我《新假期》的專欄稿,寫這個主題。想知詳情,可看看今期﹝第624期,122 ~ 123頁﹞這篇稿啦。


PINKCAT ‘s other Articles in “Weekend Weekly 新假期”



night photos of ICC & IFC by my Holga 拍的兩幢夜景高廈相

MEOW … photos of ICC (a skyscraper in HK), shot by my Holga plastic camera last Monday while under Fierce Attack from mosquitoes … 被惡蚊猛針下,上星期一用Holga拍的夜景ICC﹝環球貿易廣場﹞相片 …  PINKCAT ‘s Articles in Weekend Weekly《新假期》  


Shooting ICC had to tolerate many many Mosquitoes’ stings … Shooting another skyscraper ~ IFC was a much more enjoyable experience. See, these are photo I shot a few years ago … very artistic !

影ICC要捱蚊針,反而影它的姊姊大廈IFC﹝國際金融中心﹞就舒服得多。看,這就是幾年前用Holga拍下的 … 好藝術啊!


my Articles about Holga/Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly” 《新假期》的專欄稿。

MEOW, I’ll write a series of articles about Holga & Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly“, a very popular Travel and Food magazine in Hong Kong. In this column they would invite different photography artists to participate and I might be the only CAT (not human) invited by them … my honor ! :idea:

粉紅貓會在《新假期》專欄寫關於HOLGA或Lo-Fi攝影的稿,得閒留意一下啦。該專欄他們每期會邀請不同的「攝影達人」﹝貓?!是唯一一隻 …真是我的榮幸 :D ﹞參與,所以久不久便會輪到我寫。下面是已出版的。

* these photos might not be large enough to let you read these articles clearly, you have to buy a real Hard-copy magazine. 這些相片可能不夠大,讓你看清楚內容,當然啦,你要花錢買一本真雜誌!

Issue 636, page 122~123

Issue 632, page 130~131

Issue 631, page 106~107

Issue 630, page 130~131

* The three girls were sharing their feelings of being photographed by PINKCAT …

Issue 624, page 114~115

Issue 620, page 114~115

Issue 615, page 130~131

* this article is about HOW to shoot a Motion Movie like this, using a HOLGA camera.

Issue 612, page 130~131