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visited Chloe @ Rainbow Gala hk Dojinshi 同人誌 Event 創辦人 – 小撒:「哝,粉紅貓…」

MEOW, yesterday visited the new studio/shop of Chloe, shot some photos and a superb FUNNY video. Chloe is the founder of HK Dojinshi Event “Rainbow Gala“. Want to know more about her, could sEE/hEAR my OLD interview with her in pinkwork city.

昨天終於有時間到訪﹝還是搞亂?﹞Rainbow Gala同人誌即賣會創辦人 – 小撒的新店/ 工作室,隨便拍了些相片及一段非常好笑的「粉紅貓特色無聊小短片」。想知道更多小撒的往事及背景,可到pinkwork city看她的舊訪問。

past interview with Chloe (Flash required)



about Rainbow Gala ‘s Chloe 小撤

Chloe aka 小撒 is the founder of hk Dojinshi (self-published comics) organisation / event — Rainbow Gala. She has been a Japanese comics admirer since she was a child. Chloe published her first dojibshi at 12. After studying in UK and back to hk nearly 5 year ago, she decided to do something more ambitious, that is to organize a Dojinshi event mainly targeting for Hong Kong dojibshi creators.

Without any supports from big commercial brands or help from the others, Chloe successfully organized her first RG1 (Rainbow Gala) event in Dec 2007. She said she did all the things on her own, from getting the licenses, setting up a company, booking venue … etc..

Chloe ‘s efforts finally paid off. Now Rainbow Gala event has become more and more recognized by the local dojinshi scene. In RG3 which was just held in April 2009, more than 6,000 visitors and attenders were attracted to this event. RG6 is planned to be held in Dec this year and many commercial sponsors have already approached her …

當年一個23歲的女孩自己一手一腳, 成功搞了一個吸引超過6,000名參展人及參加者的本地同人誌活動.

此人就是Rainbow Gala的創辦人 — 小撒. 她12歲已出版了自己的第一本同人誌漫畫. 之後去了英國讀書離開了這圈子一會. 約兩年前返港後, 她決定要自己搞一個同人誌活動, 是特別為香港的同人誌創作人而設.

起初在沒有人幫忙及任何商業贊助下, 小撒由成立公司, 申請牌照, 預定場地都由自己一手包辦. 結果2007年12月成功舉辦了第一屆Rainbow Gala, 當時己經吸引了近200個同人誌組織參展. 如今Rainbow已經愈來愈壯大, 愈來愈受香港的同人誌圈子重視. 在2009年4月舉行的RG3, 吸引了超過6,000名參展人及參加者. 下屆RG6將於今年11月舉行 …


* FAST FORWARD > > > met this human friend again yesterday (2013 Feb 6) and shot some updated photos of Chloe 昨天剛碰見這位人類朋友,順便拍了些相片 …

of course, I invited her to be part of my 「Aliens 外星生命體」art project … sEE.


Do U believe Aliens exist?,
a PINKWORK Art concept 


a very popular Taiwanese Indie Band ~ Echo 台灣回聲樂團:「粉紅貓,別走 …」

Echo, a very popular Taiwanese Indie Band originated from a “Music Group” in the University. The four members released their highly-acclaimed debut album in 2002 while they were studying in the University. After graduation, they continued their music path and gradually accumulated a massive fans base. To date they have released five FULL / EP albums and done lots of performances, art projects, including one with NGO ~ Green Peace in 2009.

You might be surprised how they could turned their hobby into a career. “Since we had decided to do music full time, more & more opportunities were coming … it’s just like if you’re a chef and want to open a restaurant, you won’t find a day-time job elsewhere and only run your business at night … “ WANT to hEAR/sEE them talking more about this, could go to my pink virtual city now.

回聲樂團是由吳柏蒼﹝主唱、吉他﹞、黃冠文﹝吉他﹞、慕春佑﹝鼓﹞及邱文彥﹝低音吉他﹞四位大學同學組成的台灣獨立樂團,本來只是台灣清華大學的一個叫「迴聲社」的音樂社。2002年他們以學生身份推出首張專輯《感官駕馭》,大獲好評,更獲搖滾教父伍佰及並他傳媒人大力推薦。畢業後四位繼續他們的音樂事業,2007年出版第二張專輯《巴士底之日》,08年進行《無所不在的回聲》全台100場巡迴,09年與國際環保組織綠色和平合作舉行「處女空氣」演唱會,10年推出第三張專輯《處女空氣》 … …

「… 我們決定了全職做音樂之後,跟著愈來愈多的機會才來臨 … 就好像若然我們是做料理的人,想開一間餐廳,我們也不會在別的地方找份工作,晚上才開餐廳 … 」主音柏蒼在訪問中說。想聽聽/看看他們親自講更多,可到我的粉紅城市 … 喵。

FULL CITY Version (Flash required)

an OLD interview of them in 2005 in
~~>  pinkwork musicshop 

* special thank to  CM Kitchen  for providing us the shooting location.


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1: about us 關於我們樂團

Audio MP3

2: our new producer 新製作人徐千秀 ~ 秀秀

Audio MP3

3: our art projects 「綠色和平」及「心電回聲」創作

Audio MP3

4: my new EP 新專輯《Day 1》

Audio MP3


阿占:「粉紅貓一年一度訪問『野仔』!」…hk pop band WildChild Video shot Last night !

MEOW, just did an interview with “WildChild“, a hk pop rock band formed by popular radio dj Jim & his five best friends LAST night and shot this funny video. Yes, as what you could heard Jim said in the opening of the video, it’s pinkcat ‘s interview with this “quirky” pop band once a year :P , cause they would usually release a new album followed by a concert once a year … this year their album title is “Chokollection(* pinkcat would only interview people it feels interested. :idea: )

Starting off as an indie band, two years ago they signed to a bigger record label and got more budget. Jim told me they’ll probably release another new album at the end of this year, so not “once a year” any more.

「粉紅貓,食包包!」阿占又再在鏡頭前亂說﹝貓是以食蛋白質為主的﹞ … 喵 …

野仔快推出他們的新碟《Chokollection》及開騷,自然要去拜訪一下他們。今次他們除了跟相熟的Adrian Chan,亦跟新的監製,如陳奐仁the invisible man、DJ Tommy等合作。除了已派台的《香港大廈》《Chok 的故事(上集) 》,還有一首講「廢話」的《廢話會》及會有雲海參與Rap《我愛U》,聽個名便知是講UFO的 :lol: … 將會派台 。真的很想知道歌詞的內容 … 今次所有歌的詞也是由阿占包辦,創作人都是喜歡一手包辦所有東西的。

粉紅貓一年一度訪問野仔?!因為他們通常一年推出一張碟,跟著會搞一個騷,而粉紅貓只會訪問牠覺得有興趣的人類。不過野仔簽了bma後,資源多了,阿占說可能今年會多做一張碟,於年底推出,即是很可能不再是「一年一度」了… 喵!下面可以野仔的聲音,由他們親自講解吧 …


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1: our new album and live show 我們的新碟及演出.

Audio MP3

2: the 3 new members 三名新成員的作用…

Audio MP3


& some raw photos of these naughty men by my Holga plastic camera 拍攝時阿占說我部HOLGA機拉菲林時那些「gee.. gee…」聲令他好「痕」,但又很想聽 … 上了癮 …=^o*=