hk indie punk pop band ToNick 網上大熱香港樂隊!

An indie punk pop band in hk, winner of 2007 UMC competition organized by TVB. Their name just got a big hit recently on Youtube, casue last month they uploaded their MV “Last Christmas” which attracted more than 500,000 views. This song’s very playful and “slang” lyrics were created while they were jamming music in their band room. Want to hEAR/sEE them (4 young men who were Polytechnic University classmates) talking more about their band and coming Album, GO to pinkwork city ‘s (virtual) musicshop .

又要介紹一隊樂隊給大家,就是近期在Youtube大熱的香港樂隊ToNick。上月他們將一首在band房夾歌時偶然想出來,純粹貪玩的聖誕歌《Last Christmas》製成卡通MV,放上YouTube,結果吸引來超過50萬的點擊。

這隊樂隊其實早於2006年成立,由阿恆(主音 / 結他)、小龜(結他)、Ryan(低音結他)及晨曦(鼓)四位相識於理工大學的成員組成,07年贏了TVB主辦的UMC比賽總冠軍及創意大獎。他們說是因為獎金有五萬大元才參加。後來獲評判之一 — 著名監制趙增熹賞識,幫他們於上年5月出版了首張唱片《Let’s Go》,他們正計劃今年5月再出版第二張專輯 … 想聽聽 / 看看他們介紹自己及製作中的新專輯,除了這裡,亦可到pinkwork城市﹝完全版,要用flash﹞。

sound track 1 ﹝about us 關於我們及5月的新專輯… ﹞

Audio MP3

sound track 2 ﹝about the song 關於那首歌 《Last Christmas》… ﹞

Audio MP3



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