Ella Koon, “a Song wrote by myself…” 官恩娜「唔知粉紅貓會唔會 …?」

meow MEOW … HK pop singer cum actress Ella Koon just released her new EP album 《Take A Shine to》 and as usual (since she was a newcomer) I would do an interview with her, shoot some photos and a funny video. This time there is something special, inside the album has a Song wrote by herself. To sEE/hEAR her talking more about this, go to …

官恩娜又出新EP《Take A Shine to》了,一如以往﹝自她初出道開始﹞,粉紅貓都會走去跟她做訪問、拍些相片,包括正常的及Holga相、影一段無無聊聊了小短片。今次比較特別的是,EP內有一首歌《依依》,是她自己用結他作曲的。想看看 / 聽聽她講講更多,按下面的連結 … :idea:

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~~>  pinkwork.com/shortnews/ella11.htm 

* special thank to  XAVA  for providing us this very stylish shooting location.

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1: about my new EP album 新專輯《Take a Shine to》

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